Hermit Convention

by Hermit Convention

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released December 6, 2008

written, performed, and recorded by Craig Prentice



all rights reserved


Hermit Convention Santa Cruz, California

Weaving together a pastiche of lyrical snapshots consisting of past memories and drunken recollections, Hermit Convention may come off as purposefully obscure. However, it's a criticism that is muted upon repeat listens, as Craig Prentice's true genius lies in crafting songs that are built like forests. It's easy to see why those who don't get it are really just aiming for the trees. -Lee Bedrouni ... more

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Track Name: DK Hoodie
flashing that gang sign
you know you've never held a gun in your life
you've got a wife and two kids
and your checks are signed
by a computerized guy you've never met
in your god forsaken existence
the resistance you put up is shut up
the world is an oyster that's cut up
the girl with the mohawk walks by
she snickers and sighs
she has your eyes
our mutual friend is disgusting
i feel so stupid for trusting sometimes
what rhymes with ironic
strung out hippie headband iconic
with the ipod on shuffle
in a camouflage duffel
earphones hiding behind a dk hoodie
the weakerthans play
her silhouette burns away with the sunrise
she has your eyes

driving home from san francisco
drunk on your shows
you sold ten cds without saying please
what's your secret
a holy clover
i really hope i don't get pulled over
in the drive thru lane
soaking up a rain
with a dozen blankets i ascertain
that she might need a dollar
but to her surprise
she has your eyes
Track Name: Thank God We're Not Them
thank god we're not them
thank god we're not them
but we don't fall very far from
did you get my text
it was an arrogant apology not innocuous
and i'm sorry that you take every word i say

thank god we're not them
thank god we're not them
with movie posters
hanging where the holes used to be
history channel documentary
flooding the room with the future doom
of our past lives

thank god we're not them
thank god we're not them
rolling like a stunt man
treating the concrete like that
hill in the park in the rain and the dark
when peppermint schnapps coated tongues
and numbed collapsing lungs

thank god we're not them
thank god we're not them
but we don't fall very far from
did you have your kid
is she ruling the playground like you did
and i'm sorry that you take every word i say
Track Name: Death Cab
cigarette dangling out
fascist fashion machine no doubt
thrift store sweater distorts the fact
there's a war going on but you couldn't know that
kind heart cold deceiver
youre a big believer
death cab punishing the picket line
if we cover the eyes everything will be fine

make up mostly caked up
bloodshot burning downtown
race to the counter with the medicine
show us a sign so we know that we're in
kneecaps on the pavement
letters that she sent
scream for attention on the kitchen tile
its better than death so we live in denial
Track Name: Rocking Horse
armed with opinions
an army that hates you
swarming and swimming
in slow motion stereo
poised to pounce at the first sign of fuck up
and you will
and they will

clutching the chamber
that bears the last bullet
flushed in the face
and stung in the stomach
pray to a source
that you cannot believe in
sway to a course
that you won't divorce

and how we ride through the wrecking course
and swallow everything
we place our bets on the rocking horse
as we refuse to sing
but we won't crash
because the moon won't let us down this time
i've got a fistful of pills
and a conscience that kills